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Le Grand Marketing's presence in the California food industry dates back to 1978 when it’s founder Warren Draper and a business associate formed F&W Marketing. Located a few miles south of Dodger Stadium, the company focused on bakery related products such as fruit fillings, fresh delivered breads and rolls, fried fruit pies, and oriental cookies. In September of 1983 Warren Draper moved on to form Le Grand Marketing with his son Geoffrey. They relocated their offices to Montebello that same year. At this time the company decided to focus on products for supermarket service bakeries and for the food service industry.

Warren's youngest son Kevin joined Le Grand in mid 1984, primarily to work on food service accounts. Together with Geoff, the brothers developed strong relationships with various key accounts and established product sales at all of the top restaurant distributors in Southern California. Marc Draper came to the firm in 1985 to focus on in-store and retail bakery sales. In 1988 the company dropped its food service focus to concentrate on it’s retail sales. In 2000 the company’s ownership transitioned from Warren Draper to his three sons. 2014 marked the passing of our founder and mentor Warren. The brothers continue his legacy of providing exceptional support to both vendors and customers alike.

From early on Le Grand has recognized the value of supplying skilled field merchandising support. For over three decades they have maintained a staff of merchandisers and trainers. They currently have twelve full time technicians to assist with store merchandising, training of store employees, grand and re-grand opening support, product roll-outs, store resets, and program conversions.

In March of 1989 the company moved its offices to the Anaheim area. In 2007 Le Grand moved into its present location with additional office space, an expanded test kitchen and an enlarge warehouse. The office team provides administrative and customer service support to all regions. Le Grand Marketing entered the Northern California region in 1999 and in 2000 the company added deli products to their product offering. Significant growth with both large and small regional grocery chains as well as a number of key distributors was made in 2004.

In recognition of the significant buying power of the ethnic market in the west, in particular with the purchasing clout of the Hispanic population, Le Grand Marketing continues to direct significant resources to mining growth opportunities in this area.

2005 brought Le Grand into the Arizona market. Currently several key customers are based in the area. This expanded the company's footprint into the rest of the southwest. In January 2008, Le Grand reached out to the natural food market segment. With the awareness that many people in California and the west have towards healthier eating, this effort has created a number of new. Historically many trends that mainstream retailers have embraced have started within this market segment.

Le Grand entered the Pacific Northwest in June of 2008. Over the last several years, the company has greatly expanded its footprint and in 2014 began selling product for the first time on the east coast. The company now sells to retailers covering thirty-five states across the country.

A transition to a new deli team was executed in mid 2017 and early 2018. A reconfigured Northern California sales team was introduced in early 2018 with a focus on a number of untapped opportunities.

Le Grand continues to diversify its product portfolio that now includes service and retail bakery, service deli, fresh meat, and frozen segments. With the online presence many are pursuing, the retail space is transforming rapidly. The company is working hard to provide the tools our vendors and customers need to stay ahead of consumer expectations.

Pancreatic Cancer Research

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